RFD Coalition
Religious Freedom Day Coalition


Joint Statement of the Religious Freedom Day Coalition


"We join the President in recognizing January 16 as Religious Freedom Day and urge people in their homes, schools, and places of worship to celebrate the religious freedom we have in America. Specifically, we call upon America's public schools, to honor of this day by acting on the request of the U.S. Department of Education by distributing its guidelines clarifying students' religious freedom. We look forward to the day when every school administrator, educator, parent, and student is fully informed of religious liberty on campus and schools promote and honor those freedoms in their classrooms, hallways, playgrounds, and cafeterias."


Coalition Members


Association of American Educators
"Religious Freedom Day reminds us that we, as Americans, have the freedom to participate in the religion of our choice.  Although the U.S. Department of Education has issued clear and understandable guidelines, many of us in public schools shy away from discussing religion. We urge teachers, parents and students to employ, embrace and exercise their civil liberties."
-- Gary Beckner, Executive Director


The Beckett Fund
"The right to religious freedom flows from the inherent dignity of each and every human person. That freedom sticks with you, regardless of your age or location. So celebrating religious freedom in the public schools is a helpful reminder that students don't check that fundamental right at the school house door."
-- Anthony Picarello, President


Council for America's First Freedom (Valentine)
"Every generation needs to embrace our rich historic legacy. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were courageous visionaries, and we honor them every time we lift up the cause of religious liberty."
-Ambassador Robert Seiple, President


Gateways to Better Education
"Religious Freedom Day is an excellent time to bring clarity about freedom of expression to public school students, teachers, administrators, and parents. I encourage adults and students to celebrate their religious liberty by recognizing this special day."
-- Eric Buehrer, President


Institute on Religion & Democracy
"At the Institute on Religion & Democracy we track religious persecution throughout the world.  People are in prison for their beliefs, are murdered for converting, and become victims of religion-based genocide. Religious freedom--the liberty to follow our consciences in our core beliefs--is not only our greatest freedom, but is the basis of all our other freedoms. Americans should treasure and protect this freedom and labor to see it recognized worldwide."
- Jim Tonkowich, Pesident


The Providence Forum

"Religious freedom is the reason most early settlers came to these shores, and our nation's continued exemplary dedication to religious freedom is among the greatest reasons why unprecedented multitudes from around the world continue to seek refuge in our land. The Providence Forum is committed to reaffirming the faith and values of America's founding in today's culture, society and the public square. Those values are the pillars upon which the enduring freedoms we all enjoy continue to stand. That is why we join the President in calling upon all Americans to celebrate Religious Freedom Day."

-- Ralf W. Augstroze, Executive Director